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Numerology your key to success


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What do the stars say?

The heavenly spheres have something to tell us - they speak about God. They convey knowledge about his eternal will and his plan. Regarding the creation of heaven we can read in Genesis chapter 1, verse 14., and God said "Let there be lights in the vault of the sky so separate the day from the night and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times and days and years and let them be lights in the fault of the sky to give light on the earth". And it was so! Men are the most perfect creation of the creator and it is no accident or coincidence that we are born here or there at a specific time; indeed it is the outcome of an intention and plan.  

With God nothing happens by chance or accidentally. The planets are endowed with a god given task to play a special role influencing us on the body, symptomatic and psycho-somatic levels. For the first time since Atlantis and thanks to 40 years of experience, we are able to create connections and harmonious fusions of elements and opposite polarities. All IUG essences (colors and trace elements) connect to the sphere of influence of the ruling planets and chakras (areas) involved. Since planets in the solar System are subject to different cycles, this aspect is to be taken into consideration.

Astrology according to elements

When you look at your horoscope (Find out on the website www.astrodienst.com )you can see a list where planets are classified according to their Location influenced by the respective element of the sign (fire, air, water, earth). Elements represent an essential part of classic Astrology and are connected to particular tasks. I abstain from any comments concerning a particular sign of the Zodiac, because it is more important to look at how the planets are spread out in the signs according to elements.

Have a look at the  horoscope of Dr. Ghyssaert:  https://www.biofit.biz/english-version/astrology/

a) 4 planets in fire signs

b) 6 planets in air signs (actually there are 7 when we take the positions of the South Node

          - always   180 degrees apart from the North Node. Some Computers do not print it!

c) 3 planets in Water signs

d) 1 planet (Chiron) in Earth element (in this case in Virgo) the best sign for Chiron since Chiron is healer and this is the sphere I am in.

Someone who has been an idealist for too long with the tendency to neglect her/his financial aspects and material possessions usually shows deficiencies of Earth element.

Following the instructions in this chapter you can connect with www.Astrodienst.com (the program is available in most languages) and in 5 minutes you will find out which of the elements is not sufficiently available  and this will help you in making your choice.

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