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IUG Earth Element Frequency (A)-30ml


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Earth is the element of our Body. It characterizes durability, sustainability, matter, order, security, stability and structure. Persons marked by this element are pragmatic in their thinking and act consistently and are down to earth! They live in the here and now! Other favourable attributes are persistence, perseverance, patience, thoroughness, sense of responsibility, which inevitably leads to success and possession! If there is a deficit of Earth element (only 1 or 2 planets in an Earth sign =Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) it might be difficult for those persons living in the material world. They might lack the perseverance to transform their ideas into action! You can enhance the Earth element inside of you with the following essences:

IUG Earth Element Wavelength (A)

IUG Green-Calmavital 5 

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