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IUG Water element Frequency (A)- 30ml


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Nothing can thrive without water - everything withers. Plants need water and without water people would die of thirst and starvation. Water is adaptable, alive, compassionate, helpful, fertile, flowing, friendly, fruitful, nurturing, soothing, sharing, penetrating, and productive.

IUG Water Element Wavelength (A) contains the vibration (frequency) of the water element at its best so that earth, plants and the animal kingdom as well as humans may benefit from the attributes described in the paragraph above concerning the water element.

However too much water causes dependency, apathy, moodiness, amorphousness.  In such a case we recommend essences that represent a fusion of the water element with the fire element. This will lead to more activity. IUG Red-Orange is endowed with an “automatic pilot system with its own intelligence which can transform too much Water into Fire or too much Fire into Water

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