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Magnet (Ferrite Strontium) 15 x 10 cm-Description as above but for larger quantities of water


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Magnet   (Ferrite Strontium)  15x10 cm. for larger quantities of water to neutralize Tap water with the North pole side  and energize water with the South pole side to enhance plant growth 50 €
(with wood base price later)
Booklet on the use of magnets 20 

 The 4 Elements

To have a broader understanding of the subject you should know that a human being is “a composite” of the 4 elements Water, Earth, Fire & Air. As well known according to principles of Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic and Anthroposophic philosophy and principles,  a balance of energies is a key to balanced health.
 Astrology is a tool that helps us find in 5 minutes if we have a deficit of one or more of those elements  and we give guidelines so that you can take the necessary steps to find balance.

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