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IUG Biovitalspace Package for Resale = 498,50 minus 20.00% discount € 398,80 € (+ 17% tax) You Save: 20.00%


  • Product Code: iug-243
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Ex Tax: 398.00€

Become a distributor   with a very small investment-

Take advantage of the generous discount and offer your family and friends this protection. Become a Network member and obtain a new source of income. Further opportunities are available for motivated individuals.

Details of this package deal:

1 x 30 ml IUG BioVitalSpace 90,00 € 

6 x 10 ml BioVitalSpace (6 x 45,00) 270,00 € 

12 x 30 ml Spray bottles (empty) (5,00 each) 60,00 €

50 x 1 ml Phials (empty) (1,25 each) 62,50 € 

4 x 2 ml Pendants with Aluminum cap (4,00 each) 16,00 € 

Subtotal 498,50 € 

20% discount 99,70 € 

Total without VAT  (plus tax where it applies) 398,80 €

Your profit margin amounts to 99,70 € plus the proceeds you obtain by filling the phials you sell for 12,50 € to end customers. You make about 8 € on each phial. This is the very basic offer you can make to the public for this exceptional protection (the cost of 2 Coffee Latte for a month of peace of mind). Actually, you are better off providing your customer a 10 or 30ml stock bottle, one small phial and a spray-bottle; they most likely will want various small phials for family members and friends. Everyone should be aware that the more people being protected in your environment the better you are yourself and the same is the case for your customers. 

The opposite is true also, if persons in your immediate environment are having problems this cannot be good for you. Conclusion: The more people become harmonious, the better the world as a whole. Some of your customers might just prefer a spray-bottle filled with a dilution which you can sell for 25 €. Such a spray-bottle at 5€ less your discount costs you 4 € and all you need is 15 drops from the stock-bottle plus water. Easy money isn’t it? And this while you offer a real service benefitting them: spraying 300 times. Since electromagnetic stress is all around us and affects us all, the people around you will certainly be happy and grateful that you inform them about BioVitalSpace. 

You create an ENDLESS CARAVAN of Goodwill – Good Karma.

The healthier everyone is, the better the world will be ("the Butterfly Effect"). Once you have purchased your "Resale Package Deal" you will be able to buy any other item from this site with the same 20% discount (minimum per purchase 50 € in order to benefit from the 20% discount).  To qualify and to become a distributor, purchase now the IUG Biovitalspace Package for Resale = 498,50 € 398,80 € (+ 17% tax) You Save: 20.00% 

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