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30 ml plastic spray-bottle


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Take an empty 30ml. spray-bottle, 

fill it with 15 drops contained in the 10- or 30-ml. Stock-bottle,  

add spring water (Volvic or any other brand of your choice). 

Place the pump on the bottle, close it and shake it 10 times to dynamize the liquid. 

You will be able to spray yourself 300 times with this dilution before proceeding with another dilution. Everyone doing it appreciates it greatly. We advise you to spray the solar plexus area (around the navel) even spraying on top of your clothes. The protective energy fills your entire magnetic field-it does work. It is also very helpful to spray the area where you work twice a day, even more often in periods of increased stress. When you sleep away from home, spray your bed before using it. Keep another spray bottle in your car, to help you in stressful situations (traffic jams, accidents, aggressive drivers, …

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