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can no longer penetrate this protected space. Mentioning just a few of those harmful sources of negative energies causing considerable electromagnetic stress we can name mobile phones, electrical and electronic equipment, computers, radars, satellites, television sets, Wi-Fi and more. We therefore warmly recommend you carry always a phial with the essence either in your pocket or in a pendant. At night simply place it close to your bed.


The entire energy field of the person wearing a 1 milliliter BioVitalSpace phial is totally permeated

with this energy, which also provides the following benefits:

- cheerfulness

- comfort

- gradual disappearance of negative emotions

- balance

- harmony

- protection from all outside influences

- strengthening positive emotions

- serenity

- tranquillity

As soon as you carry close to the body a small phial, you notice a feeling of well-being: losses of energy are a thing of the past as much privately as professionally. Even during unpleasant

discussions or while arguing you remain calm.

OUR ADVICE: Keep your batteries charged, relieve yourself from worries and entrust all this to “BioVitalSpace” carrying always your phial with you.

Your protection is a special ally, keep it close, and at night next to your bed and renew the liquid regularly, ideally once a month.

1ml (1/30th of an ounce) Phial (empty) = 1,25 € (+ 17% tax where tax applies)

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