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Influence of numbers and planets


  • a logical sequence of the numbers
  • a logical sequence of the days of the week
  • an etymological connection between days and planets, this rulership was also given to us 7.000 years ago by the Rischis

                                                                                         Sunday & Sun

                                                                                         Monday & Moon

                                                                                         Tuesday & Mars

In French, Italian and Spanish:                                            Mardi-Martedi, Martes

                                                                                         Wednesday & Mercury

In French, Italian and Spanish:                                            Mercredi, Mercoledi, Mercoles

                                                                                         Thursday & Jupiter

                                                                                         Jeudi, Jovedi, Juevens

                                                                                         Friday & Venus

                                                                                         Vencredi - Venerdi - Viennes 

                                                                                         Saturday & Saturn


Despite this logical and scientific evidence, many experts disagree on the correspondence of planets and numbers. You do not have to look any further to understand, why so many numerologists make so many mistakes. And in the ranks of experts there reigns even more confusion regarding colors and planets. This is as easy as the rule of 3 that we learned in the second school year. If we have a connection between row 1 and 2 and have a connection between the components of row 2 and row 3, we automatically have a connection between rows 1 and 3. This logic you extent to the other rows and you get a system giving you the right answers to many questions.


To make it clear, take the next step and add a row to the colors of the rainbow. As you know, these colors in the rainbow have always the same sequence. Man is also a walking rainbow since the Chakras from base (1) to crown (7) are made of the respective color. Each Chakra from 1 to 7 is therefore ruled by the corresponding planet and number in the chart and characterized by the (visible) colors of the rainbow. (Red to violet).

For numbers ruled by the North Node (Rahu in Hindu terminology) we find the 8th colors of the rainbow, the color next to violet, as 8 in the number sequence follows 7.

For number 9 (ruled by the South Node of the Moon = Kethu in Indian terminology) we have the color infrared, the neighbour of red (as you know 10 = 1 follows 9). I invite you to recognize the right Connection of numbers and planets. 


Number 1 = Sun

Number 2 = Moon

Number 3 = Mars

Number 4 = Mercury

Number 5 = Jupiter

Number 6 = Venus

Number 7 = Saturn

Number 8 = Rahu (North Node)

Number 9 = Kethu (South Node)

Influence of numbers and planets

The purpose of this Website is to give the quintessence of my research, so that  you may learn the essentials, be able to select and eventually want to learn more in a seminar!



I knew a Person in Mexico, born on the 25th of October 1943. I refer to the document Numerology reading, so that you may understand how one can use the date of birth to shed more light and potential in life and modulate one's destiny.

Being born on the 25th (2+5=7) the person's personality number is 7.

The destiny number 2-5-1-1-9+4+3 = 25.    25 again = 2+5=7: This means, that the person was born under the influence of Saturn. In the row of numbers, 7 is quite distant from 1 and 2. Number 1 is connected to the sun, the archetype of the father and 2 connected to the Moon, the archetype of the mother. The number 7 implies a certain distance in the relationship to both parents. And indeed, the relationship with the father was marked by a certain distance in more than one aspect and this despite enough goodwill from  both sides! Additionally to this I have to mention that this Person studied 6 years in the USA to acquire 2 academic degrees as well as a year at the Sorbonne in Paris - a clear indication and signature of the Saturnine distance!

At the Age of 59 years, on the 12th of October 2002 he died under very painful circumstances. At this Age (59) everyone is subject to what astrologers call "the second Saturn return" which is obviously more serious if Saturn is unfavorably aspected in their Chart - please look in the Internet for "second Saturn return".  If there are very serious health issues which have not been resolved before the Approach of such an aspect, you might be faced with very unpleasant circumstances.


The beauty of the IUG concept is, that we can help our clients to strengthen them  with IUG Essences, so that the hardness of the various planetary Transits can be softened! A so called soft landing rather that a hard landing! It is everyone's responsibility to look out for signs about something that is/might be brewing and take action to change the course of things and restore the balance of energy at least to avoid the worst possible Scenarios.


Based on my first book written in 1978 and second version in German, French and Spanish written in 1990, with subsequent additions over the years and using as key your birthday (medical numerology) I select remedies which will have a balancing effect – usually 3 remedies are prescribed, one to take at rising, one for midday and one in the evening. Sometimes 2 prescriptions are advised for a total of 6 remedies to be taken over a period of 6 to 8 months. I want to make it clear that I prescribe exclusively what is in resonance- not more-not less. This treatment is geared to correct energy unbalances so that the appearance of symptoms can be avoided. The fee for this selection is only 77 Euros to which you have to add the cost of the 3 remedies that will be taken during a 3 to 4 month period (with an estimated cost of 136 Euros)

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What do the stars say?

What do the stars say?

The heavenly spheres have something to tell us - they speak about God. They convey knowledge about his eternal will and his plan. Regarding the creation of heaven we can read in Genesis chapter 1, verse 14., and God said "Let there be lights in the vault of the sky so seperate the day from the night and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times and days and years and let them be lights in the fault of the sky to give light on the earth". And it was so! Men are the most perfect creation of the creator and it is no accident or coincidence that we are born here or there at a specific time; indeed it is the outcome of an intention and plan.  

With God nothing happens by chance or accidentially. The planets are endowed with a god given task to play a special role influencing us on the body, symptomatic and psycho-somatic levels. For the first time since Atlantis and thanks to 40 years of experience, we are able to create connections and harmonious fusions of elements and opposite polarities. All IUG essences (colors and trace elements) connect to the sphere of influence of the ruling planets and chakras (areas) involved. Since planets in the solar System are subject to different cycles, this aspect is to be taken into consideration.



In times of „devalued values, as much on the material, emotional, financial, psychic and spiritual level one should wake up and make a few investments in the realm of energies”. One of such wise steps is to select a few nice gems. Paper money could and probably will become worthless when we take a close look at the miserable strategies of some Central banks regarding the money supply and interest rates. The only good investment can only be the one you make in yourself (it places you also in a better position to help others wisely) – in taking good care of your health, fostering spiritual values and pursuing beauty and purity. All, lasting sources of energy keeping their value.

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