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Descriptions of the 4 elements


The Fire element

If there is too much Fire (many planets in one or various Fire signs = Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) this could lead to a hot tempered personality, impatience, nervousness, even fits of rages!

To balance such a tendency I recommend a few combinations of IUG Essences, binding the Fire to the water element.


IUG Red-Orange (1-2)

IUG Yellow-Green (3-4)

IUG Red-Orange-Yellow-Green (1-2-3-4)

IUG Mars-Venus (3-6)


However, if there is a lack of Fire element (no planets at all, or few planets in Fire sign) there will not be enough inner drive, ability to assert oneself, Stamina or staying power!


 To Balance the deficit of Fire element I recommend:   

IUG Fire Element Wavelength (A)

IUG Infrared (9)

IUG Infrared-Red (9-1)

IUG Red (1)

IUG Red-Orange (1-2)

IUG Yellow (3)

IUG Detox Chiron (1)

IUG Detox-Zinc (1+Uranus)

IUG Detox-Magnesium 2 (1+3)

IUG Gold-Schinus (1+ Pluto = the two rulers of  the base Chakra)

IUG Gold-Calcium Fluor (1+3)

IUG Gold-Manganese (1+3)

IUG Silver-Magnetite (2+3)

IUG Silver-Manganese (2+3)  


The Air element

The air element carries the following atributes: Analysis, Expansion, Exchange, movement, thinking, receptivity, flexability, ideas, intellectuel challenges, communication, knowledge, cleverness, contact, learning, speaking, capacity for repartee, Change, negotiation, comprehension, versatility. The Air signs are Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.


IUG-Air Element Wavelength (A)

IUG Blue (5)

IUG Blue-Chiron (5)

IUG Blue-Indigo-Violet (5-6-7)

IUG Violet (7)

IUG Carmavital 1 (7-8)

IUG Substantia Nigra Wavelength (A)


The Earth element

Earth is the element of our Body. It characterizes durability, sutainability, matter, order, security, stability and structure. Persons marked by this element are pragmatic in their thinking and act consistently and are down to earth! They live in the here and now! Other favourable atributes are persistence, perseverance, patience, thoroughness, sense of responsibility, which inevitably leads to success and possession! If there is a deficit of Earth element (only 1 or 2 planets in an Earth sign =Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) it might be difficult for those persons living in the material world. They might lack the perseverance to transform their ideas into action! You can enhance the Earth element inside of you with the following essences:


IUG Earth Elemement Wavelength(A)

IUG Green (4)

IUG Green-Chiron (4)

IUG Green-Calmavital (4 + Neptun)

IUG Orange-Green (2+4) (connects Earth and Waterelement)

IUG Calmavital II (2+4) (connects Earth and Water element)  


The Water element

Nothing can thrive without water - everything withers. Plants need water and without water people would die of thirst and starvation. Water is adaptable, alive, compassionate, helpful, fertile, flowing, friendly, fruitful, nurturing, soothing, sharing, penetrating, productive.

Water makes everything smoother and softer.


IUG Water Element Wavelength (a)

IUG Moon
IUG Orange

IUG Orange-Chiron


IUG Water Element Wavelength (A)   contains the vibration (frequency) of the water element at its best so that earth, plants and animal kingdom as well as humans may benefit from the attributes described in the paragraph above concerning the water element.
IUG Moon is an essence containing thevibration that the earth's satelite (commonly calles "planet Moon " in astrological terms) conveys at its best, when in the most favorable sign and well  aspected so that  the  energy of the  moon  can be  transmitted  to  whatever and whoever comes into contact with those Drops.
IUG Orange-Chiron is an essence containing an alliance of 2 energies,namely the elixir made cosmocyclically from pure pearls in association with the frequency of planet Chiron "the healer"  as Astrologers describe this planet. All what falls under the rulership and influence of the Moon and Chiron from an energetic point of view is harmonized and enhanced.
Too much water  causes dependency, apathy, moodiness, amorphousness.  In such a case I recommend essences that represent a fusion of the water element with the fire element. This will lead to more activity.


IUG Red-Orange

IUG Silver-Magnetite

IUG Silver-Manganese

IUG Orange-Calcium Fluor


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With God nothing happens by chance or accidentially. The planets are endowed with a god given task to play a special role influencing us on the body, symptomatic and psycho-somatic levels. For the first time since Atlantis and thanks to 40 years of experience, we are able to create connections and harmonious fusions of elements and opposite polarities. All IUG essences (colors and trace elements) connect to the sphere of influence of the ruling planets and chakras (areas) involved. Since planets in the solar System are subject to different cycles, this aspect is to be taken into consideration.

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Influence of numbers and planets

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In times of „devalued values, as much on the material, emotional, financial, psychic and spiritual level one should wake up and make a few investments in the realm of energies”. One of such wise steps is to select a few nice gems. Paper money could and probably will become worthless when we take a close look at the miserable strategies of some Central banks regarding the money supply and interest rates. The only good investment can only be the one you make in yourself (it places you also in a better position to help others wisely) – in taking good care of your health, fostering spiritual values and pursuing beauty and purity. All, lasting sources of energy keeping their value.

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