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What do the stars say?


Here are some examples:

The fastest moving planets are the Moon and Mercury with a respective cycle of 29 1/2 and 88 days. Essences ruled by the Moon (IUG Orange, IUG Silver) and those ruled by Mercury (IUG Green) are therefore quick in showing results or effectiveness. Combinations of those essences like IUG Orange-Green, IUG Calmavital II (Silver + Green) are therefore characterized by even  faster results. Another example is IUG Multimin-Regenerin a Moon-Saturn alliance. As mentioned above, the Moon has an 29 1/2 days cycle, while Saturn has a 29 1/2 years cicle. This makes a difference of a factor 365, meaning, that Saturn requires 365 more time in ist orbit around the sun as the Moon requires in ist orbit around earth. From a practical point of view it is worth mentioning that, when we are confronted with long-term problems, we can see Saturn's signature. There are some astrological aspects during our lives leading towards serious potential problems. Certain aspects of Saturn in the birth Chart (or with Saturn transits) can be indicators for potential acute problems. They can indeed become unyielding and ruthless.

Around the age of 58 / 59 we witness Saturn's second return. Your are welcome to explore more on www.aquariuspapers.com/astrology/2010/05/jupiter-return-and-saturn-return---at-the-same-time.html  


Our concept aims to soften hard aspects in the birth chart or difficult transits. To soften the impact,  recommend to apply drops of essences on the skin in the solar plexus area. We prepare essences from gems and minerals ruled by Saturn, combining them cosmocyclically with gems and minerals ruled by other planets = i.e. IUG Calmavital I (so called planetary alliances).

Here you find a few essences "building harmonizing bridges" between Saturn and other planets:


IUG Multimin-Regenerin (7-2)         combines Saturn and Moon energies

IUG Indigo-Molybdenum (6-7)         combines Venus and Saturn energies

IUG Indigo-Violet (6-7)                      combines Venus with Saturn (7)

IUG Blue-Indigo (5-6)                        combines Jupiter with Venus

IUG Calmavital I (7-8)                       combines Saturn with the North Node of the Moon


In each case the corresponding  planets are harmonically connected to each other. Without the IUG fusion process, they are known to be rather inimical to each other. This IUG process gives them enhanced effectiveness.


Persons being active in the healing arts and everyone wishing to benefit from the beneficial intervention of "Chiron" can find here a therapeutical Inspiration. Within the planetary system Chiron is known as the healer.


For more Information please visit:





To enable you to build bridges of energy in Chirons' sphere of influence,  I have created a series of alliances connecting Chiron with the:


Sun         IUG Detox-Chiron (1)

Moon      IUG Orange-Chiron (2)

Mercury IUG Green-Chiron (4)

Jupiter    IUG Blue-Chiron (5)

Venus      IUG Indigo-Chiron (6)

Pluto        IUG Ulceratt-Chiron

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Influence of numbers and planets

Influence of numbers and planets

Since antiquity we have used numbers for time, distance, age and activities. Indeed, beyond every number there is a force, an influence, indicating  the path to our origin! These Patterns and influences are already in our birthday coded! We cannot change them! Numerology has been connected to planets since thousands of years. A knowledge of Astrology has been quite useful in sorting out this science of numbers in a systematic and logical manner acceptable to inspired public. We have gone through a considerable amount ot extent literature on this subject in  a scientific manner and found that the traditional allocation of numbers to planets is not quite scientific. The reason of our dissent and attempt to correct the old System is:



In times of „devalued values, as much on the material, emotional, financial, psychic and spiritual level one should wake up and make a few investments in the realm of energies”. One of such wise steps is to select a few nice gems. Paper money could and probably will become worthless when we take a close look at the miserable strategies of some Central banks regarding the money supply and interest rates. The only good investment can only be the one you make in yourself (it places you also in a better position to help others wisely) – in taking good care of your health, fostering spiritual values and pursuing beauty and purity. All, lasting sources of energy keeping their value.

Descriptions of the 4 elements

Descriptions of the 4 elements

A Stronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another

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Why Biovitalspace even indispensable?

Why is Biovitalspace even indispensable?
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