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About Us

IUG Biovitalspace is an essence containing a range of components made cosmetically. It can be very helpful in restoring and maintaining the required level of energy. It can also protect places, offices, businesses and houses. This essence shields you with a comprehensive protection against negative energies, surrounding each person carrying a phial with a harmonious and sealed field of energy.

We are all influenced by frequencies and vibrations from our environment. Each person, each living being, even every object emits and receives constantly frequencies. On a daily basis we move around through an invisible space filled with emanations, geopathic stress zones, radio waves, mobile telephone transmissions, radioactivity, waves from radar- and television stations, just to name a few.

With IUG Biovitalspace you can balance and neutralise negative energies and transmute them in positive energy. The current amount of negative energies we are facing today has reached endemic proportions at historic peaks. A huge amount of people live in a permanent state of energetic poverty which leads in time to physical, emotional and psychic burnout. This in turn opens the door to all kinds of diseases.

IUG Biovitalspace can provide you the required protective energy placing you in a shielded space. It provides indeed an energy field measuring 2 to 3 meters in all directions surrounding your body when you wear a 1 ml phial. In this way you are able to eliminate all kinds of electromagnetic-& geopathic stress like the Curry & Hartman grids, underground water, mines etc... IUG Biovitalspace can protect you from negative interference of the outer world affecting you physically, emotionally, mentally & psychically