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What is electromagnetic Stress?


It is the very harmful radiation produced by all electrical and electronic instruments.

The mobile phone produces indeed high frequency micro waves in the range of 900 Mhz to 1800 Mhz. They also cause a thermic effect. Every person using a mobile phone is immediately affected by electromagnetic radiation. As this happens very closely to the brain, it increases the kinetic energy of the atoms and molecules of the brain, and produces heat after a period of time (one degree after 20 minutes exposure).

The extreme low frequencies generated by mobile phones are capable of inducing biological disorganisation because of the change in the interaction of ion proteins in our bodies. The ion, the central structure allowing the protein to function, is depolarized and separates ifself from the protein.

This causes according to Dr. Marc-Francois Paya, M.D. different pathologies according to the enzyme that is affected.
Radiations, at wavelengths that are sometimes close to those used by the body may affect the body in its biological electrical activities.

Exposure to electromagnetic fields not only induces an electric current in the body but increases the temperature, what we call the thermic effect.

Here follows a list of possible consequences by the omnipresence of mobile phones:

  • changes in brain activity
  • changes in reaction time, less reflexes
  • distortion of sleep cycles and diminishing recuperative power
  • increase of stress
  • headaches and migraines
  • concentration difficulties
  • loss of memory
  • risks of brain tumours (in areas closest to the aerial) multiplied by 2,5
  • degeneration of retina tissues in the eye
  • increase in the spread of cancer
  • increase in permeability of the hemato-encephalic barrier
  • change in brainchemistry
  • impairment in the training of memory
  • risks of changes in chromosomic DNA that could cause deformity or death of the foetus
  • breakdown of DNA strands that can lead to the appearance of cancerous tumours
  • disturbance of paradoxal sleep phases
  • in the long term: risk of losses of intellectual capacities and judgment
  • fatigue evolving gradually towards chronic fatigue
  • feeling of burning in the face, tingling or heat in the ear during communication
  • increase in the frequency of epilepsy crises
  • depression
  • irritability
  • insomnia
  • eye troubles
  • diminishing efficiency of immune system
  • disturbance in the production of melatonin, a hormone helping us to eliminate stress during the day